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Ray Dirks, Whistleblower

Back in the news after 42 years

On March 6, 1973, Ray Dirks got an unexpected phone call in the morning from an ex-employee of a West Coast life insurance company he was following called Equity Funding Corporation of America. 

Shredded Papaer Background

Cover-up at the SEC?

A whistleblower’s disturbing tale of corruption and concealment

Mary Schapiro may have left the SEC last month, but she now faces a potentially ruinous blot on her legacy at the agency she chaired for more than four years.

Businessman whistling, side view

Whistleblowing 101

Serious risks for an uncertain reward

In 2009, Linda Almonte, a division vice president at JPMorgan in San Antonio, TX, discovered substantial errors and omissions in the paperwork supporting almost $200 million worth of credit card judgments the bank was selling to a debt collection agency.

Winning Business Abroad

Beware of pay-offs to foreign officials

If you’re seeking an asset management mandate from a foreign government agency or if a private equity investee of yours is pursuing a foreign government license or contract, beware of a dangerous pitfall that could cost your firm and its principals dearly.

Whistleblowing Endgame

Asset managers may face a quandary when the SEC is tipped first

The new whistleblowing provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act apply to anyone who can break the federal securities laws, including asset managers and the vendors who supply them with services.