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Negotiating a Lift-Out

Expect some tough issues and complex solutions

Whether it’s because of the Volker Rule, deflated bonuses or industry consolidation, lift-outs of proprietary trading units and hedge fund management teams are in the air. They are certainly cheaper, faster and more surgical ways of acquiring top talent than full-blown mergers or acquisitions.


Pitchbook Law

Your hedge fund ‘deck’ must be balanced as well as compelling

To attract capital, marketing specialists tell hedge fund managers they need to show prospective investors how their investment strategies will enhance risk-adjusted returns (the so-called “value proposition”), perform effectively under all market conditions (the risk management requirement) and, most importantly, outperform their competition (the “edge”).

Seed/Acceleration Capital

Trading equity for growth

What will it cost you to launch a hedge fund with seed capital from an institutional investor or to get a huge infusion later from an acceleration capital provider?

The vast majority of emerging hedge fund managers start their funds with their own seed capital or with start-up investments from friends and family.