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Targeting Private Equity

Are 2 & 20 just not enough?

Are private equity types any different from hedge funders?

The SEC apparently doesn’t think so and, after excoriating the latter for flagrant securities law violations, the regulators are now training their sights on the former.


Uncle Sam Wants You!

New SEC registration requirements for U.S. and foreign investment advisers and private fund managers post Dodd-Frank

If you’re just starting out as a U.S. investment adviser or private fund manager, this is what you need to know about SEC registration.


A Score to Settle with the EU

How do we handle the AIFMD?

Two years ago, we lobbied vigorously and in vain against the proposed Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) of the European Union (EU), which was deliberately designed to punish U.S.

Marketing Private Investment Funds

Anyone paid on production is a “broker” who needs to register with the SEC

Two of you are starting a hedge fund and agree to split the management and performance fees in proportion to the money you each bring in.