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Private Funds Need Bolder Boards

The days of ‘rubber-stamping’ Cayman directors are over

If “carried interest” is not enough to fret about, US private equity and hedge fund managers now face the unwelcome prospect of “independent” boards.

The model of a couple of professional Cayman Islands directors performing a perfunctory oversight role no longer cuts the mustard.


Barclays Bites the Bullet

Beginning of the end for old-style universal banks

According to the UK’s Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, it had “its finger in every scandalous pie.”

That would be Barclays Bank.

But now, the unpretentious, retail banking executive who replaced Bob Diamond as Barclays’ CEO last year – Antony Jenkins — is putting his own stamp on the bank and has promised to turn it into a model citizen.


Don’t Mess with Me, Argentina

Paul Singer resorts to privateering to collect on his hedge fund’s sovereign bonds

Often described as soft-spoken, mild-mannered and publicity-shy, Paul Singer, the plutocratic founder and head of $21 billion hedge fund Elliott Management, recently made quite a splash tracking down an historic Argentine sailing ship on a West African tour and convincing a Ghanian court to impound it.


Can Companies Sin?

The new Archbishop of Canterbury thinks our banks and hedge funds have crossed the line

Did our banks and hedge funds bring about the financial crisis of 2008 by engaging in “wild and frantic activity” that served “no socially useful purpose”?


Uncle Sam Wants You!

New SEC registration requirements for U.S. and foreign investment advisers and private fund managers post Dodd-Frank

If you’re just starting out as a U.S. investment adviser or private fund manager, this is what you need to know about SEC registration.