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Why Sukuk Are Catching On

Publicly-beneficial financings with predictable revenues and profit potential

This June, the UK became the first non-Muslim sovereign to issue sukuk and, later this month, South Africa will become the second.   Luxembourg and Hong Kong are reportedly soon to follow.   


Targeting Private Equity

Are 2 & 20 just not enough?

Are private equity types any different from hedge funders?

The SEC apparently doesn’t think so and, after excoriating the latter for flagrant securities law violations, the regulators are now training their sights on the former.


Struggle for the Soul of Wall Street

Not just “can we do this”, but “should we?”

Sir Hector Sants’ sudden leave of absence from Barclays Bank last month epitomizes the intense ethical struggle now engulfing the financial industry.

Sants, 57, was brought in earlier this year by CEO Antony Jenkins to help reform a bank that has featured in virtually every financial scandal of the past several years. 

Abraham Sacrifices Isaac

The Case against ‘Fabulous Fab’

SEC trying to turn financial crisis poster boy into sacrificial lamb

Next week, Fabrice Tourre goes on trial for securities fraud.

Tourre, now 34, is the former Goldman Sachs investment banker who, in 2007, packaged and peddled a synthetic portfolio of sub-prime residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) that collapsed within nine months of its issuance. 


Chairman/CEO: to Split or Not to Split?

JPMorgan re-ignites the corporate governance controversy

Some saw the issue as a silly sideshow, others as a turning point in US corporate governance.

Should Jamie Dimon give up his Chairmanship of JPMorgan?  For concededly good reasons, America’s best-known banker lost some of his luster this past year on both Wall Street and Capitol Hill thanks to the “London Whale” and a succession of other management missteps on his watch.