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Ray Dirks, Whistleblower

Back in the news after 42 years

On March 6, 1973, Ray Dirks got an unexpected phone call in the morning from an ex-employee of a West Coast life insurance company he was following called Equity Funding Corporation of America. 

Themis 3391

The Curious Case of Jérôme Kerviel

Whose fault is it when your job is to make as much money as possible?

Back in 2008, it certainly looked as if rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel was acting alone.

He had built up derivative positions in the astronomic amount of €50 billion ($68.5 billion) – way beyond his trading limit – and had admittedly concealed them from his employer, Société Générale, by creating fake, offsetting trades in its computer systems.  


Who’s to Blame?

Companies don’t commit fraud, people do

One question still puzzling Wall Street pundits is why no high-level US bankers have been charged with criminal fraud in connection with the packaging and sale of sub-prime mortgage-backed securities that collapsed during the financial crisis?

Shredded Papaer Background

Cover-up at the SEC?

A whistleblower’s disturbing tale of corruption and concealment

Mary Schapiro may have left the SEC last month, but she now faces a potentially ruinous blot on her legacy at the agency she chaired for more than four years.