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Liberating the Board of Directors

Giving non-executives ultimate authority . . . and then holding them accountable

In five years – maybe sooner — Boards of Directors in the US are going to govern their companies much more freely than they do now.    


Is Activism Good or Bad?

It all depends on your investment time horizon . . .

Statistically, hedge fund activism was off the charts in 2013.  It was the top-performing hedge fund strategy by far and its practitioners won more proxy contests, attracted more capital and targeted bigger fish than ever before.


Chairman/CEO: to Split or Not to Split?

JPMorgan re-ignites the corporate governance controversy

Some saw the issue as a silly sideshow, others as a turning point in US corporate governance.

Should Jamie Dimon give up his Chairmanship of JPMorgan?  For concededly good reasons, America’s best-known banker lost some of his luster this past year on both Wall Street and Capitol Hill thanks to the “London Whale” and a succession of other management missteps on his watch. 

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Should Shareholders Call the Shots?

Not according to one intrepid academic

Someone with credibility has finally come along to challenge the seemingly well-settled notion that shareholders should ultimately control corporate governance.

Lynn Stout, a visiting law professor at Cornell, has just published The Shareholder Value Myth which the International Herald Tribune described as a “slim and elegant polemic” arguing that ‘shareholder democracy’ has no basis in law.