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Targeting Private Equity

Are 2 & 20 just not enough?

Are private equity types any different from hedge funders?

The SEC apparently doesn’t think so and, after excoriating the latter for flagrant securities law violations, the regulators are now training their sights on the former.


Zingers from Buffett, Welch and Weill

Bold ideas to fix Wall Street from three unexpected sources

Three of the biggest names on Wall Street have sent shock waves through the financial system with bold and ironic antidotes for curing its ills:

  • Warren Buffett calling for raising taxes on the rich;
  • Jack Welch denouncing management strategies focused on quarterly results; and
  • Sandy Weill backing the breakup of the big banks.

Private Equity under Pressure

Greater transparency and lost perquisites may be unavoidable

Thanks to Mitt Romney and the Carlyle 3, the multi-trillion dollar private equity fund industry is now in the regulatory cross-hairs, and increased public scrutiny, coupled with the current drumbeat of adverse publicity, could easily result in PE fund managers having to provide greater transparency about their portfolio investments and, possibly, give up some of their prized perquisites.